Echo Blue has been busy spreading his puppy magic and joy all around his forever home, which he shares with his new parents, Valerie and Skip, and his beautiful five-year-old German Shepherd sister, Ava. Echo is a very sweet and handsome six-month-old pup, full of wonder and shenanigans, and we hear that this good boy has been studying hard and making his parents proud.

Valerie tells us: We welcomed Echo, now Echo Blue, into our home on August 7. Since then he has learned basic commands beautifully! He amuses himself — and us — by picking out each toy from the toy basket, one by one, until he has found just the right one!

We’re pretty sure his sister, Ava, our German Shepherd rescue, wonders at times just when Echo is going to leave!! They get along very well and love wrestling, running and vying for toys. We tell Ava that it’s her turn now to be the big sister, as our Lab mix, Ella, was to her. So far she seems up to the task.

Echo is bringing us so much joy! He is affectionate, loyal, playful, a little stubborn (ha!), beautiful and so good for our spirits! We love, love him and are forever thankful to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for bringing him to Colorado!