Many dogs share the need for companionship just as their owners do. For Dave and Sara, it was important that they provide a special friend for their SHLR Alum, Whiskey, who came to be a part of their family in 2021.  They came to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for help, and met Elbee, a 2-year-old black Lab beauty who pawed and wagged her way into their lives. What came next was nothing short of amazing. With a little of Elbee’s special magic, and a family’s generous dose of unconditional love…

We are proud to bring you Elbee’s New Beginnings Story from her new parents’ perspective:

Elbee is just the friend that Whiskey needed! Our two Safe Harbor Rescues fit perfectly together! After we lost our older Lab to cancer, Whiskey was lost without his big brother. We thought we wanted another yellow Lab like the one we lost and Whiskey, but mostly we just wanted the right companion for Whiskey. We were so pleased to find him a new little sister, Elbee, and add her to our family.  The two dogs are the best of friends now.

Whiskey was quick to show Elbee around and show her the best spots to sleep! Elbee is full of energy but loves to relax and cuddle too! If she is not cuddling with Whiskey, she is always next to one of her human family members! They both welcome our adult children and grandchildren to the house as if they know that they are family too! Elbee especially loves playing fetch with her new Dad. Whiskey is glad to lay down and watch!

Thank you, Safe Harbor, for leading us to just the right dogs!

Many Thanks to Tim and Kathy for fostering and facilitating Elbee/Penelope’s adoption!