Ellie is all snuggled in and loving being home for the holidays.  Christmas came early for this lovely Lab girl when her dream of finding a family of her very own finally came true just before Thanksgiving.  Jane and Craig took one look at Ellie’s adorable mug and playful demeanor and knew that she would be coming home with them. With three new doggie siblings to run and play with, Ellie will be romping her way into the new year and beyond!Ellie’s new parents tell us:“Craig and I frequently look at available Labs on the Safe Harbor Newsletter.  We couldn’t help but adore Ellie.  We made a few calls, filled out the application, and informed our veterinarian we might be getting a new Labrador.  Sure enough, Ellie was living with a foster mom in Fort Collins…100 miles away.  Of course, we adopted her.  Her bio stated, “She is one year old, loves to play with her foster sister and really needs a playmate and lots of exercise.”  This was a perfect fit for our household.She has had us for two weeks.  She gets along with our dogs and loves living on five acres.  Ellie loves to play, especially in the snow.  She also enjoys her new toys.  Our dogs have welcomed her since the moment we brought her home.  We are very grateful to Safe Harbor for giving us the opportunity to have her.”Many thanks to Christa for fostering Ellie!