Kara, John, and their 10-year-old black Lab girl, Maggie, were all heartbroken after the recent sudden loss of their beloved chocolate Lab, Sadie While Sadie will forever have a special place in their hearts, Kara and John decided to open their home to another pup in need of a loving family. As soon as they met adorable one-year-old Iris, they knew that this little chocolate sweetheart was just what they all needed to help make their family feel complete again. Iris, now known as Ellie, is love on four paws, and this good-natured youngster has quickly convinced her new family that she is right where she belongs, and everyone is happy to be a two-dog household once again.
Kara and John tell us: “Iris is now known as Ellie. What a little cuddle bug she is! What we can say about Ellie is that she is cute as a button and sweet as sugar. When we first met her, she jumped into my husband’s arms, snuggled up, and looked at him with her beautiful amber eyes, that’s when we were hooked. Then we brought her home, she jumped on the couch and looked at us like she said “Honey I’m Home”!

A typical yet surprisingly calm youngster, she fit right into our home seamlessly (although we are still working on potty training and chewing). She loves to explore our home and backyard, loves to be with us, is happy to meet her human and dog friends, and adores her older sister Maggie. Ellie also enjoys neighborhood walks and mountain adventures. Maggie, on the other hand, is taking her time to warm up to Ellie (which is fine), but I can tell they will be fast friends soon.

We are deeply saddened to have lost our precious chocolate lab so unexpectedly, and Maggie was very upset as well, so bringing Ellie into our home has been such a sweet addition. Thanks SHLR for making the process so helpful and rewarding!”