Love at first sight – that is how Pam felt when she saw Ellie for the first time!  At ten-years-old, Miss Ellie is considered a senior, but if you spent any time with her you would see that she still has a fair amount of energy and is very young at heart, much like her adopter Pam.  These two ladies are looking forward to years of fun together.  Ellie’s favorite things are tennis balls, long walks, hours of cuddle time, and plenty of hugs and kisses.  So Pam get your tennis shoes and grab the leash, the day is wastin’ and there are so many things to go see!Ellie 3
Pam recently found the time to send us this update:  When I started looking  for a dog to adopt on Safe Harbor”s website, I was looking for a dog around 3 years old. Then one morning I saw Ellie’s picture among the preview dogs and fell in love. I adopted Ellie who is a 10 year old “seasoned” girl and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had Ellie a month now and think often how lucky I am to have found her.
First, there’s a little bad news –  Ellie is not good on a leash! She pulls hard and goes nuts when we encounter other dogs. Some days it feels like I’m hanging on for dear life. So this part is a work in progress.
There’s LOTS of good news, however! Ellie is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. She loves being petted and scratched. She’s an active girl who loves playing fetch with her many tennis balls and loves chasing sprinklers and water from the hose. We walk a couple of miles each morning. You’d think she was a blood hound the way she checks out smells. At home she is a polite greeter. She takes her treats like a lady. She is learning the doggie door and while she had struggled with my double-flap system, she figured out the single-flap door at my son’s house easily. Even with that, she hasn’t had any accidents in the house.
Ellie 1
Ellie is truly a gift, a loving dog, and a wonderful companion. I can’t thank Safe Harbor enough for making this match possible!