Emma is home to stay with her new parents, Les and Marlene, and her new sister, playmate, confidante, and partner in fun and crime, five-year-old Brandi, a Shepherd/Husky/Chihuahua mix. Lovely two-year-old Emma hit the ground running as soon as she arrived and has fit in so seamlessly that you’d never guess that she is the new kid on the block.

Emma’s parents sent us an update on their new girl: Emma was the best fit for our family! We were surprised how fast she and our other dog hit it off when they were first introduced. Since bringing her home, she has been the absolute perfect addition to our family. She was house broken/doggy door trained, respectful of the doggy boundaries, lovable and the best friend for our other dog. They play for hours and hours every day and then snuggle together for a nap. They love sunning outside, playing at the park, going on walks and even trips to Home Depot where she loves pets from everyone! They have the most fun playing tug of war with their huge laundry basket full of toys. (They are not spoiled at all…lol.) The funniest part is watching how they react to the cows on our hikes.

She feels very comfortable here — we can tell by how she sprawls out on the couch begging for belly rubs (which she gets!). Brandi taught her that trick. I can’t tell you how many smiles the two of them give us every single day and how many great pictures we have on our phones! We tried for a long time to find the best fit and she was it! Dogs just want to love and give wags!