Paisley now answers to “Faygo,” and she is sooo very excited to introduce her new family members, who include her wonderful mom, Phyl, and big Chocolate Lab sis, 3-year-old Bursley. Little Faygo is still just an overgrown pup at 1-1/2 years old, so she particularly loves having another four-legger in her club to teach the ways of the world from a doggie point of view as she settles in as proud member of her very own forever family.

Faygo’s new mom tells us: “She is an AWESOME soul, and we’ve spent 2 weeks settling into life together. She and my other rescue, Bursley, became fast friends the day they met! Today they squeezed into the same kennel together, but when I started laughing and went to get my iPad to take a photo, they got out.”

I’ve so enjoyed seeing Faygo’s confidence and personality come out! She is very funny with squeaky toys and balls. We’ve been to the dog park the last 3 days, and she and Bursley have had a blast.

I’ll send you some photos soon…. this has been a wonderful match for all 3 of us! Thank you for putting this sweet dog in my life. She will be dearly loved and taken care of.