Feetie Pie is a lovely eleven-year-old cutie pie who stopped off at Kathryn’s house for foster care and some rest and relaxation while she waited to find her forever home.  Turns out, Feetie Pie is happiest when her feeties are on the move outside, so her foster mom always made sure Feetie had ample opportunity to stretch her legs in the great outdoors each day.  As Feetie began to settle in and find her place in the family, everyone agreed that this sweet girl was already home to stay — even Bella the cat who has been spotted sharing a bed with her new canine sibling on occasion.
Kathryn tells us:

Feetie Pie joined us on November 5, 2020 and from the get-go it was clear she was her own dog, very independent and preferring being outside in pretty much any circumstances!  So lots of walks and lots of time in the backyard chasing squirrels and soaking up the sunshine.  The early weeks she was trying to figure out this huge life change that had happened, so we gave her room, and treats, and lots of physical contact and slowly she figured out how to wag her tail again.  She does love her walks and boy does she have a happy prance walk when on walks, and she lets us know in no uncertain terms when it is time for one!  She also enjoys her marrow bones from our local butcher. Sometimes I help her up so she can sleep on my bed which, although a little confused by, she certain settles right in and sleeps long and hard on the bed!  She’s is a gentle old girl with pretty simple needs and wants, now remembering how to play (and teaching us as well), and learning how to just hang with her humans.