Young Fergus is having the time of his life with his new parents, Darcy and Tommy, and his new canine big bro, Angus. This gorgeous pup has been busy adjusting to the soft life, rearranging the toy box, and picking up pearls of doggie wisdom from his wise older brother, who doubles as his favorite exercise buddy.

Fergus’ new parents tell us: Our neighbors starting fostering dogs from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue last year and ended up adopting a cute little female brown lab. We lost our beloved yellow lab six weeks ago and knowing that we wanted to “rescue” a second dog (our 2 1/2-year-old black lab mix is a rescue from the Dumb Friends League), we checked out the SHLR website and immediately saw a puppy that stole our hearts. We knew immediately that Fergus was going to be a great little brother to Angus. Fergus is still getting used to having a comfy place to sleep, as he spent two months on a concrete floor in a shelter, so his back legs can get sore fast from all of the activity. Not only does Fergus keep Angus on his toes, his nearly tireless energy gives us a run for our money as well! Not quite sure what breed Fergus is mixed with, but his shiny smooth coat and block head make him quite a handsome little boy.

Although he is only six months old, he has not destroyed anything but the vast array of toys of all shapes and sizes strewn throughout the house. Besides rough housing with his new brother Angus, his absolute favorite thing to do though is EAT! He follows his brother around everywhere and learns very quickly. We are so happy that we found a great addition to our family and look forward to all of the adventures we are planning.