The lovely Ms.Fig has taken up residence in her forever castle, which she kindly shares with her new parents, Peter and Christine.  A people-loving pup through and through, Fig clearly graduated at the top of her charm school class and has been expanding her fan club wherever she goes.  At 7.5-years-young, Fig is finally home to stay and looks forward to spending the best years of her life with her fabulous new parents right by her side.

Figs family sent us an update on their new girl:  It was love at first sight when we saw Fig’s pictures. When we met her in person it only confirmed our feelings. Fig is and continues to be a dream. She is full of personality and is the warmest, most loving dog to all she meets. Her description was so true, she’s never met a stranger. Though we’ve only had her for a short time she has settled in nicely and adapted to her new surroundings with the greatest of ease. She slept in our room the first night and didn’t even wake us up before the morning!!  Chris and I start the day with a smile thanks to Fig and her “wiggle butt.”  Her name really should be Miss Wiggle Butt because she wiggles her tail and butt so hard she whacks herself in the head. It’s truly a full body workout!

Everyone Fig meets falls in love with her, even our friends who are not really dog people. Her face, personality and manners win them over instantly. She’s working on her dog socialization skills. We’re slowly introducing her to her four-legged neighbors and are confident she’ll make friends one day.

Fig has been a blessing and has brightened our lives immeasurably. We are so happy to have her in our lives.