One-year-old Finn is home with his new dad, Ross, and the fun is just beginning! Young Finn is a gorgeous pup with a zest for life, a ready wag, boundless energy and a heart full of Lab love, and he is enjoying every minute of his new life with his adoring dad.

Ross reports:

Finn is happy, healthy and enjoying getting settled into his new Forever Home. Lots of long walks and playtime. Finn has come a long way in his behavioral training. He is attentive, smart and loves to please. That being said, we still have much work to do.

I saw somewhere someone had referred to Finn as a “Chocolate Love-nugget.” That is an accurate description. Finn is always happy and loves to give and receive affection. He truly enjoys being involved in everything. I could not have found a more perfect companion.

Many thanks to all the folks at Safe Harbor Rescue. I truly appreciate everything you do in helping our four-legged family members find good people providing forever homes.”