Six-year-old Flint is a dapper Lab gent with a glossy black coat, perfectly complimented by a distinguished silver muzzle, moustache, and goatee. After life on the lam landed him in a crowded shelter, the very kind folks there helped Flint make his way to Safe Harbor. Flint then got the second chance that he had been dreaming of when Karen and her children chose him to be their first four-legged family member. He is thoroughly enjoying the life of a well-loved Lab; and with the help and patience of his new family, Flint is studying hard to make up for lost time as he bones up on his commands and works to improve his social skills around his fellow canine citizens.

Karen recently sent us an update: We adopted Flint in May 2018. Since this was going to be our first family dog, we searched and searched for a dog that we thought would fit well with our family. The search led us to Flint. Flint had such a cute picture – we fell in love with him. We brought him home and he was meek, compliant, and happy. Not a care in the world. Flint grew more accustomed to our family and more comfortable in our home and a dominant personality started showing up. Luckily, we were in basic obedience training and were learning how to handle him.

Flint learned most of the basic obedience skill easily – the sit stay, down stay, coming when called, and even several tricks. But Flint was reactive (aggressive) toward other dogs in the class. So we went to more training – reactive dog training. Flint is making progress and we are still working with him. It has been a huge learning process for all of us, but we’re dedicated to Flint. He’s such a joy in our lives.