If you can’t see the Forest for the trees, it’s probably because he’s snuggled up next to the fireplace with his dad, inside his cozy mountain home. Forest is a stunning two-year-old, jet-black Lab who happily traded in the city lights for a beautiful mountain paradise where he can run and play and watch the seasons change from his lofty perch. “Didn’t have to ask me twice!,” Forest woofs wistfully as he fondly remembers the moment he learned that his new dad wanted to bring him home forever and ever.

Forest’s dad sent us an update on his new pup: Forest came home on Feb 13 and quickly adapted to his mountain home on 36 acres in the back country.  After only a few days on the leash we were able to transition to off the leash outside at home. His intelligence level is off the charts and he has been so easy to train.  Although we rarely see other K9’s near home, we do make a trip to town weekly and to one of the parks in hopes that he will have a chance to play with other K9 friends.  Soon the mountain snow will melt and we will have our morning hikes in the mountains, a swim in a spring pond and a cuddled up nap in the afternoon.

Forest, a blessing and a gift from God.