Frankie Sinatra says “who needs New York, New York when I can have the best seat in my new parents’ house right here in Colorado?” As soon as eight-year-old FrankieFrankie met Jim and Carolyn he knew he was finally on his way home to stay, and he made darn sure that these great folks didn’t leave without him. Frankie has left his life on the streets far behind without so much as a backward glance; and as he settled in for a nap in his favorite chair, he woofed to himself, “from now on I get do it My Way!”

Frankie’s new parents write: When the Foster care giver for Frankie opened the door for us, Frankie made a “bee-line” to us. It’s like he chose us! He’s great with all people and seems to be the same with other dogs. He will fetch until my arm falls off and knows how to relax better than any dog we’ve ever had. Frankie loves to run crazy in our woods but returns with a whistle and treat. He’s a picture of health except for an ear infection which is being treated. Thanks Safe Harbor for making Frankie available to us.