If your new parents name you Funyuns, you’re clearly the life of the party. David and Hannah added the lively, lovely, Funyuns to their family and this sweet party animal has been filling their home with lots of puppy love and Lab laughs ever since.  Funyuns’ parents tell us:After moving into our first home last fall we couldn’t wait to add a pup to our family. We were excited to meet Slick so quickly after the initial application but knew immediately he was more of a Funyuns. We were lucky enough to be selected to be Funyuns’ parents when he was around 5-1/2 months old. In the two months we have had Funyuns, he has gained nearly 15 lbs and is starting to grow into his huge paws. It is hard to believe he was a stray with how much he loves people and cuddling.  The day starts and ends with him cuddled beside us or on our laps. Don’t let his snuggles fool you, he is a puppy at heart and loves to play fetch, tug of war and learn new commands. Funyuns doesn’t mind mom working from home as it means he can chase bunnies in the backyard and watch for the mailman in the bay window. He has recently been working on his impressions and does a convincing kangaroo hop in all the snow. We are looking forward to all the years with him!

Many thanks to Rita and Scott for fostering Funyuns!