What an amazing little guy!!!

He’s been SUCH a sweetheart. His intelligence is through the roof! He loves to play outside with our 14-year-old lab, fetching and wrestling with her (she holds her own even at her age!). He also loves his daily walks/runs in the sculpture park. He’s very much a lover and insists on laying next to me in bed every night. He also lays on the couch next to us in the evenings.

We took over three years to find the right canine companion for our family and I can’t stress enough how glad we are that we did. Gage has been everything we hoped for and 100x more! Lots of kisses through the days and cuddles in the evenings. In two weeks he’s learned to sit, lay down, go to the door for bathroom breaks, and dropping the ball at our feet when he retrieves it. He loves his treats and is extra motivated when he knows one is coming his way. He’s also shown that he’s very protective of his new family, barking at knocks on the door and new people coming in the house. It only takes a second for him to warm up to newcomers, though, and is his usual sweet self afterward. 

I’ve attached some pictures of him being goofy and enjoying Christmas, as well as hanging out with his new bestie, Coco. I can’t thank you enough for what you folks do. I’ve owned labs all my life and can’t imagine living without one. He’s definitely a cherished member of the family. Thank you again, so much, for the opportunity to adopt this little angel!