My Name is: Gandalf; 11.5 years old
Medical Profile: Entropion (eyelashes turn inward and constantly scratch the eye) and Dental Disease
My Story: Some say since my name is Gandalf, I was looking for the Shire, and Bilbo Baggins and Frodo, but got turned around and ended up in a shelter instead. Well, with my sore irritated watering eye, things were a little blurry. But I found my way to Safe Harbor where their vet did delicate surgery on my eyelid, and I got meds to sooth my painful eye that was scratched from the rubbing.  In addition, I needed a delicate procedure at Eye Specialists for Animals to repair my cornea.  Got my teeth fixed up too!
With my bright clear eyes and dazzling white smile, my foster mom says: “Gandalf, you are one handsome Lab!”