After a brief stint as Melody and Rich’s foster dog, gorgeous George knew he wanted to stay with them forever and he has been making himself right at home ever since.

George’s new parents tell his story:

“George made his way from Amarillo, Texas to his new home in Centennial. You can tell George had been well cared for in his Texas life. There was never any doubt that his foster home was going to be his forever home. We just love George so much.

In the first couple of hours in the house it became apparent that George didn’t have a lot of experience with steps. George followed Melody upstairs, and then just stared and stopped at the top when Melody went down the steps. After a bit of coaxing and a few treats he got down the steps. By day two, it was George saying, “I can make it down those steps in two, maybe three leaps.” He does everything with great energy and love of life. He brings boundless joy and energy to our house all day every day.”