Scott and Donna are enjoying daily helpings of Chocolate Lab love now that gorgeous Georgia has joined their family.  Five-year-old Georgia is enjoying having her doting new parents all to herself at home, and loves to accompany them whenever they’re on the go.  georgia-and-family

Georgia’s new family tells us:  We were so excited and happy to be able to adopt Georgia or perhaps have her adopt us in August of 2016. She was obviously well taken care of and loved in her previous home.  She seemed a little apprehensive for a day or two but settled in quickly and completely.  She is the only “canine princess” in the home and there are times she will let us know that.  If her food is brought in to slowly, or if she cannot find her lacrosse ball, she is very vocal and lets you know in no uncertain terms that we are to drop everything and respond.

She gets three walks a day around our park for about a mile each.  Georgia has gone on a mountain hike, gone to various running events and farmers markets.  Our grown children love her and she loves them as well.  Most of all we just like to hang out together on our backyard patio and our big back yard.  We love Georgia and are glad she is part of our family.