This lucky Goose went home to stay with his new dad, Zeke, and it’s been almost nonstop Lab fun ever since. Both are active young guys with a love for outdoor adventures, and they are sure to keep each other well exercised and entertained for many happy years to come.

Zeke sent us an update on his new pup: Goose came to Safe Harbor Lab rescue after 6 months in a shelter. He was very skinny and in need of some TLC. He spent a few weeks with a foster dad before we connected and I was able to adopt him. He was a little shy at first, but after a few weeks of adjusting to his new life he has really come out of his shell and is becoming an excellent companion. Being a 3.5-year-old lab mix he enjoys an active lifestyle so we spend a lot of time together hiking, playing ball, or mountain biking. He does a great job staying close and loves the exercise of chasing a bike down a trail. Goose is a very friendly and charismatic dog which is great because he has been able to make friends who will come visit him and take him on walks or adventures to parks during the week while I am at work. Goose has already gained 7 pounds and seems very happy and healthy living out his new beginning.