Lovely Gracie is the latest in a long line of lucky lady Labradors to have the very good fortune of being chosen to join Margaret and Michael’s family.  This chocolate charmer quickly won over her new four-legged sisters (Wilma the blond bombshell and the divine Miss Bea) and she has been loving life as the newest member of this gorgeous girl group ever since.

Gracie’s new parents filled us in on her fun-filled family life:We would love to update you on Gracie (fka Daisy Mae). She’s a perky and fun lady, keenly observant, and very intelligent which is why I keep telling her, “Oh my Goodness Gracie”!  She’s a beautiful dark chocolate 7-year-old and has melted many hearts already.Gracie arrived about a month ago to meet our two other SHLR girls, 13 yr. old Miss Bea and 8 yr. old Wilma.  Miss Bea is very shy regarding whom she hangs with, so we made it clear to her it would be her decision whether the new girl could stay.  Well, well, well.  Sweet Bea not only said yes but smiled and pranced around when she met Gracie.  Wilma was also excited to meet a friend of similar agility so while Gracie and Wilma chased each other around the yard with toys, Bea watched and wagged. When Gracie and Wilma were finally pooped, Gracie went inside and laid down next to Bea for a nap. That sealed the deal.When Gracie had only been here for 2 weeks, we hosted a piano recital in our home for about 25 guests and crossed our fingers, not knowing how Gracie felt about parties. WOW! She was a perfect hostess, quietly walking around to greet each of the seated guests without stealing any hors d’oeuvres or knocking over any glasses. We live on a lake and Gracie has quickly demonstrated her love of the water, swimming with an Olympian dog-paddle form – her massive paws not making a splash in the water, and her tail wagging side to side like a steady rudder.  She is very athletic and has already requested that we build a dock with a diving board.  We would like to encourage anyone who has room in their heart and home to consider adopting a middle-aged or senior Labbie. Gracie is our 7th SHLR senior girl and at age 7, our youngest. We are continually amazed by the precious personalities (or as Michael says, doganalities) of each Labradorable.Thank you to Leslie for fostering Gracie and Wilma and to the entire SHLR crew who makes these wonderful connections possible. We are most fortunate to have Gracie join our little family. Our thanks to Les for fostering Ms. Gracie!