It’s been all fun and games and puppy dog tails around Brad and Karen’s house ever since the indomitable Ms. Gracie came home to stay. At about nine months old, Gracie is an enthusiastic, lively, Lab(ish) girl who greets each new day with that special puppy blend of joy and wonder, ready to see what new adventures are in store. A little girl with a big heart, young Gracie is proving that she’s more than just a pretty face as she aces her lessons and adds to her friends list wherever she goes.

Gracie’s new family sent us an update on their new pup:  Our beautiful Gracie (formerly known as Spring) is doing wonderfully and is a very happy puppy. She charms all the neighbors on her numerous daily walks. She was thrilled to be named an honorary Lab by SHLR as she’s a Lab mix and a wee bit on the smaller side. She is incredibly smart and will soon graduate from her puppy training course with flying colors. She arrived not knowing any commands and now knows many including “shake.” Learning “high five” cannot be far behind.

Gracie loves toys and her current favorite bunny is now missing its tail, both ears, and one leg. Her best day so far (besides coming home with us to stay) was seeing a live bunny. She’s been very good on leash unless there’s a bunny and then she basically loses her mind. We look forward to showing Gracie what Colorado hiking is all about! She is also very excited about winter as she has not yet experienced the joy of snow. We have a feeling she is going to tear it up like a sled dog. Gracie has come a long way from being found in an Arkansas field. She now knows what it’s like to be safe, warm, and loved. We look forward to many happy years together.