When ten-month-old Gracie met her new mom, Denise, she seemed to know that she had found her person and would soon be on her way home. These two have been on the go ever since, with days filled with a healthy mix of exercise, training, doggie playdates, family walks, and lots of snuggles. At home, while Gracie likes to stay close and keep an eye her mom, she’s also very good at inventing games to amuse herself and is firm believer that if playing with one toy is good, two is even better, and there’s always room for a third.

Denise sent us an update on life with her Gracie:

I didn’t know I was ready to adopt another dog after losing my dear pooch a year ago. Neighbors suggested to do so when the pandemic hit but no dogs were available for 2 months. Out of the blue I received a phone call that Safe Harbor had Gracie and needed to place her ASAP. When I arrived at the foster Mom’s house Gracie came right to me and inside the house she plopped down on my feet. It was at that moment I knew we would be a forever team!

Gracie adjusted quickly and within days it seemed as if she lived here all her life. She loves racing out to the back yard and checking out her canine neighbors. I know exactly where the squirrels and bunnies have been as Gracie’s nose is on the job.

She loves our walks and she has gone from a wild child to very well behaved on the leash. We are going to doggie school and doing very well. Gracie is a fast learner when I get it right.

She is an only dog but has a ton of friends. She has been invited to play at a number of homes and I get to go along for the ride. She loves her dog friends and plays hard but dialed it down very quickly and was respectful of an older dog friend.

Gracie is great with guests and after her initial exuberance settles in to her snuggle mode. Her indoor manners are awesome and she loves her crate. A big thanks to whoever crate trained her.

Gracie plays indoors with her toys. Oh boy, can she play! She is a multitasker and often has a bone and a ball in her mouth while playing soccer with another ball. She races about the house with her toys at breakneck speeds. She is not very good with stuffed toys as she has done numerous dissections and amputations. Kong toys are king here.

In typical Lab fashion she is with me wherever I go in the house. She is curled up under my desk with her chin on my foot as I type this. Gracie is the total package and I thank Safe Harbor for allowing me to be her forever home.