Toby now happily answers to the name of Griffin, and if you’re ever looking for this handsome hunk, just pull out a tennis ball and he’ll soon come running.  At about 1.5 years old, Griffin is still just an overgrown puppy, and his new parents, Kathy and Chris, are making sure that their very smart boy catches up on all of his lessons and moves to the head of the class. 

Chris reports:  Our house had been quiet since the loss of our beloved Chocolate Lab Boomer in March. When Kathy saw Toby on the Safe Harbor site, she asked me if we should think about getting a new dog. I told her to “pull the trigger” and we soon found ourselves with a huge 1.5-year-old Lab. We changed his name to Griffin.  He LOVES to play with tennis balls and will even dunk them in his water bowl, getting them sopping wet, before depositing them in your lap. Often, he will roll a ball down the stairs so that he can play Fetch with himself. Griffin has also invented a new game where he lays down in the grass with the ball just off to one side of his mouth. When you reach for it, he suddenly grabs the ball — just like a trap door spider going after its prey. He enjoys time in the backyard soaking up the sun and often rolls onto his back to make sure his belly gets some sun as well. He is adjusting to his new forever home rather well!!

 Griffin enjoys his walks in the early morning and evening. He is quick to defeat the puzzle treat balls we give him, and he loves chewing/running around the house and yard with his Kong stick. When he is in a calmer mood, Griff can be found in the backyard working on his yogurt treat-filled Kong. He knows Sit, Shake, and Place. He is working on Stay and on being off leash. He gets VERY excited to see other dogs but is working on not getting amped up so quickly.  In time, he will be much better at socializing with others. At night, he loves to snuggle up next to Kathy and is protective of her. He has been on some hikes and certainly has the energy of a young pup! Our house now feels more like a home with the sounds of Griffin everywhere!