That happy, handsome, chocolate guy in the photo with his new mom, Kathy, and sister, Stella, is none other than the real McCoy; although McCoy much prefers his new, rather distinguished moniker, Guinness, (which he thinks might be even more fitting if a “Sir” were added). At eighteen months old, Guinness is a sweet bundle of joy and youthful enthusiasm, and he has found the perfect place to learn and grow, with a wonderful mix of two and four-legged members to welcome him home and show him the ropes.


Kathy writes: “Guinness found his forever home with Stella and me after the loss of my beloved 12-year-old lab, Captain, a few months ago. Stella was adopted from SHLR in December, 2015 and has turned out to be a wonderful girl. She was having a difficult time adjusting to being the only dog in the home after Captain left and really missed her companion. I found Guinness on the SHLR website and met him at the adoption event at Pearl Street on September 10. I knew that he would be a wonderful addition to the family and introduced Stella to him a few days later. They bonded immediately and have been constant companions ever since, taking walks together every day and playing with toys. I also have two cats at home and wondered how they would react to Guinness, but it only took a few moments for them to accept him into their lives.”

Guinness is a sweet and happy boy, very energetic and loves to play. He is absolutely content to be in a home with another dog and a new owner who dotes over him.