Guinness is the third lucky Safe Harbor Lab to have found a forever home with Jennifer and Mark. Having recently lost their sweet SHLR alumna, India Grace, they once again came to Safe Harbor to find another wonderful four-legged family member. Guinness is still just an overgrown pup at 1 1/2-years-old, and he has plenty of built-in playmates in his lively new family. In addition to his new parents, Guinness joins SHLR graduate, Socks, as well as his new two-legged brothers and sisters, Clay, Cam, Kit, Charlie, and Ella, in his fabulous new home. From now on, life will be full of family fun, love, and companionship, for this active young Lab boy.

Jennifer and Mark write: Guinness. What a joy! We just lost our other chocolate and thought it would be months before we could find another to adopt. What a blessing to have this little guy come into our family so quickly. He loves to cuddle, fetch, swim and do silly things that make us all laugh. We thanks Safe Harbor for the years of joy we have spent with our labs. What an amazing organization for people and loving labs. Thank you for gifting our family with Guinness.

His name is Guinness. I was a little skeptical in the fact that Sherri found him so soon for us. The day we met him, it was it!!! We took him home and on the way he found his love for sticking his head out of the sunroof in the car. Needless to say, he thinks he should be sitting up front. We brought him home and my triplet boys who are now 16 fell in complete love. He joined our other adopted Lab (Socks) from you. Socks, being 8, now seemed excited to have a younger boy in the house. We spend time at the dog parks and running around in the car. Guinness follows us everywhere and loves to sleep on the bed. He brings lot’s of toys up there with him. His energy and love is just what we needed after the loss of India. We are all convinced that she sent him to us because she knew how sad we were.

We thank Safe Harbor for ALL the blessed years we have had Labs and the ones we are loving right now. Your organization is our favorite!!