Gorgeous Gus couldn’t believe his luck when he met Cindy, Phil, and Boomer, and learned that they had chosen him to join their family!  Gus is a two(ish)-year-old beauty with a shiny black coat, a pearly-white smile, and a lifetime of Lab fun and adventures to look forward to as he tries to keep up with his active new parents.  As soon as his adoption was completed, and it was time to for the drive home, Gus packed up his duck, grabbed some treats for the road, hopped into the back seat with his sweet new bro, Boomer, and happily headed off into his new forever.

Gus’ fabulous parents sent us an update on life with their new pup:  “How could you not love a dog named Gus!   As soon as we saw him on the website, we wanted to learn more about this handsome pup.  After talking to his foster mom, Madeleine, several times over the phone and seeing additional pictures of Gus, we were excited to meet him and confident that he would fit into our family. Our family consisted of my wife, Cindy, myself, and our current older chocolate Lab, Boomer.  The only potential issue was if Boomer would accept Gus, which we wouldn’t know until the two met.  We made the trip to Denver where we met Gus at his foster home. We fell in love with him at first sight and then introduced him to Boomer.  After a long walk together, they were pals!  We loaded Boomer and Gus into the car and took Gus to his new home in the mountains.

We have now had Gus for about a month and are really enjoying him.  He is smart, very affectionate, and has been easy to train.  He is food driven, sort of like me, and wants to please.  He is getting along with Boomer and is doing well with walks and socialization.  We have never had such an affectionate dog.  If you sit on the floor, he is in your lap with those brown eyes looking up at you.  Gus is healthy, playful, loves his stuffed “Ducky” and is a great addition to our family.  Thank you, Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, for helping place dogs in homes where they will have a great life while enhancing the lives of their owners!”