Rebecca and Matthew doubled their family and doubled their fun when they adopted Anakin and Zera, a gorgeous pair of bonded three-year-old black Labs. Now known as Gus and Ella, these sweet pups can hardly believe their luck in finding such a perfect home and wanted to give a woof out to their new parents for allowing them to stay together forever and ever and showing them how good life can be every day of their new lives (not to mention those fabulous birthday bones!).


Rebecca and Matthew sent us this update on their delightful dynamic duo:

We had been without a dog for over 4 years when we began working with Safe Harbor Lab Rescue to find the perfect addition to our family. When Gus and Ella (previously Anakin and Zera) popped up on the “adoptable dogs” page, we knew right away that we needed to meet this sibling pair. We fell in love with these black labs immediately, and the foster family through SHLR was so accommodating and easy to work with in bringing Gus and Ella to their new home.

Gus and Ella have been a dream and fit seamlessly into our life: whether getting up before 5 am or sleeping in, they’re just excited to be with their humans whenever they do awaken; they are ALWAYS excited to play with a ball or frisbee or go for a hike (even if they just collapsed, breathless, 15 minutes ago!), but are also able to be relaxed and do love a good cuddle puddle; they’ve been self-sufficient during long work days and have not gotten into any mischief; and they are curious but gentle with our charismatic cat, Tibby, who is more and more comfortable with her new siblings every day.

Thank you, SHLR, for helping us find OUR dogs, who, as we learn more about each day, we become more enamored of.