“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” ~ Marc Brown. If dogs were quoted, 6-month-old Gus might have been the author of this quote. In his new forever family, this black Labrador has found the most tremendous thing in his young life, brother Hank. A 7-year-old chocolate Lab, Hank is the source of all knowledge and fun of being a Labrador retriever. They even have their own language. As time passes, Hank will let his little brother know that Nicole and Carter had a bit to do with this extraordinary life.

Nicole and Carter sent us an update:

Since adopting Gus in July ’22 our family and hearts have been overflowing with love for this adorable boy. Gus came to us as ‘Puck‘, an energetic 7 month old pup who smiled from ear to ear and loved every human and dog he encountered. We named him Gus after one of our favorite book/movie characters — Augustus ‘Gus’ McCrae from Lonesome Dove. Now two months in, Gus has settled into our family and routines beautifully. He takes his cues from his older brother, Hank, who has taught him how to wrestle and playfully chase after him, how to pick the perfect antler to chew on, and pick up quickly on several commands like our nightly “go to bed” where the boys get a treat for going to their beds and “crate” for dinner time. Gus adores his big brother Hank (the feeling is mutual!) and they play all day, every day.
Gus lives an active life in Denver where he likes to sunbathe in the backyard, gets lots of pets and treats, snuggles during bedtime and is on the way to becoming a spoiled boy. He has met several members of the family, friends, and neighbors who all say how handsome he is (his big, googly eyes are what get people). The best parts about Gus’ day are when he gets to run around in the backyard and chase Hank. He has developed a playful ‘yodel’ when he and Hank play — something he picked up from his older brother who makes a similar Chewbacca noise — and mom and dad often laugh at how funny their yodeling sounds. We can’t imagine our life without this beautiful, special boy and we are so grateful to SHLR for bringing him into our lives! You can follow Gus and Hank’s story on instagram @hankdaddyy