Introducing young Gus whose purely adorable little mug just might break the cute-o-meter. Gus started on his great adventure with his new parents, Christa and Chris, almost two months ago as a wee pup of about 10 weeks of age.  He is now becoming a pro at this thing called life and has been staying busy building his skills in snuggling, playing, growing, and puppy diplomacy. “My new life is a walk in the park,” Gus tell us, as he takes his parents out for some fresh air and exercise.

Gus’ family recently sent us an update on her new pup:

The Mayor of the Building!  Gus sure is loving his new life over in the Wash Park area. He loves to practice his tricks, play tug of war and fetch tennis balls in his free time. He is as social as can be with the sweetest temperament. We like to call him the mayor of the building. Everyone knows him by name and is always telling him what a good boy he is or how big he’s grown. He’s your typical Lab who loves food, food and more food. He also enjoys stealing the occasional shoe here and there. We can never have enough walks in the park or snuggles with the sweet guy. He keeps us on our toes, and we love watching him grow. We look forward to many more adventures (and hopefully long hikes) with Gus. He has changed our lives for the better and we couldn’t be more grateful for Safe Harbor and all the great work that they do!