That face! Gorgeous Gus is home with Michael and Kim and joins his new brother, Sherman, as one of the resident canine kids. Gus and Sherman are both about 7.5 years old, so these two boys will have plenty to talk about and some doggy secrets to share and may even teach each other a few new tricks along the way. There’s no doubt that Gus has found a fabulous home where he can relax, kick back, and firm up his retirement plans, knowing that he will be adored and cherished for all of his days.

Kim and Michael recently sent us an update on life with their new pup: Gus came into our family and fit right in. Our other lab, Sherman, is very timid and Gus has brought out the best in him. Gus has shown Sherman to play ball, and they both love running around the yard, squeaking balls and stuffed toys with glee. Gus took over the ottoman at home and loves napping there. He truly believes that his 96-pound self fits nicely on our laps! Gus loves hugs and cuddles, and Sherman is learning that is pretty great, too!

It took a few days for us to learn that with Gus, we have to keep the food hidden when we are not nearby. He has a stomach of steel, demonstrated by his consumption of chips, tortillas, cookies, coffee grounds, bananas, and an entire cantaloupe, rind and all. His favorites are bread and butter, and not necessarily together! His beautiful white eyebrows and topaz eyes are full of personality. He can keep his head straight and shift his eyes and eyebrows up and down, pointing them at the treat box on the refrigerator. We have hired a trainer to help with walking. It doesn’t appear he was walked much before, and since he is a very large boy, he can be a handful. He has a face that will melt your heart. He definitely has captured ours!