In Loving Memory of Hailey
Official Adoption Day 3-29-15 to 3-13-21

Hailey was supposed to be our foster. We picked her up, and it was less than 24 hours that we decided that she was already in her forever home. We officially adopted her about a week later. She was so sweet and smart. Between her great sense of smell, and her obsession for wanting to chase small animals we thought that maybe she was part hound. DNA results came back all lab however. We were always on our toes because she could find any food dropped by squirrels in the yard in an instant….even when it was on the roof of the garage. She loved going on walks, but the car ride to her walks were not her favorite, unless it was the occasional stop in the drive thru at Starbucks to pick up a puppuccino. Hailey also loved playing in the snow, and playing hide and go seek in our house. She would always find us right away, but she loved it.

Unfortunately, cancer took her quality of life very rapidly and at a fairly young age of 8ish. We were devastated at her rapid decline and was by her side telling her how much we love her, when she passed to the rainbow bridge on March 13, 2021. We will always love and miss you Hailey! Debbie and Colleen