When a little six-month-old Lab girl named Harley heard about a family that needed someone to provide extra cuddles, she knew she was up to the task and immediately sent in her resume. With a proven track record of snugglablity, along with dual degrees in Recreation and Vacation, she was a perfect fit for the position and soon became the newest four-legged member of Steven and Jan’s family. Now known as Hallie, she has settled in beautifully and happily shares the role of fabulous family dog with her new big sister and mutt mentor, two-year-old Maddie. It is unknown whether Sammie the Cat briefly considered tendering his resignation when the new canine trainee first arrived.

Jan and Steven sent us an update on their new pup: After losing our most wonderful boy, Tobias Michael, on the 25th of February we were obviously heartbroken, and our other Lab/terrier mix kiddo (Maddison Ann) was so sad she wouldn’t eat. Tobie was a black lab we rescued at 6 months and had for 10 years. He was our Maddie’s best friend and big brother. She had been with him since she was a tiny puppy and was never away from him. Because Maddie was so sad, we decided to look into adopting another kiddo right away.

We are so very glad we did. Miss Harley is now Hallie Michael. She is adjusting quite well to her new forever home. She and Maddie play so well together and she is such a cuddler for Mom and Dad. She has helped us all with the heartbreak of loosing Tobie. She will never replace him, but she has made her own place in our hearts and in our family.