“Hank’s the name and fetch is my game, and I sure am pleased to meet ya!” woofs the newest member of Julie and Michael’s family.  These days the four-legged welcome wagon trotting along beside them is none other than handsome Hank the Lab. Three-year-old Hank is all about the fun and frolic, and his friendly enthusiasm for everyone he meets puts a smile on the face of many a passerby.  Julie and Michael sent us an update on their pup:We changed Tanner’s name to Hank! It fits him perfectly and he responds to it beautifully. Let me tell you how much we love him – he has brightened our world and makes us laugh every day with his goofiness and playfulness. He loves all toys and likes to destroy most of them while carefully supervised by us. But balls are his life. and he enjoys a game of fetch every morning and evening. Hank is a strong boy and needed some work with leash training, so after a few sessions with a trainer he now walks so well and we enjoy a few miles early every morning. He is such a goof and super friendly so when we walk he loves to be noticed and get some pets if he can!We are so grateful to SHLR for this wonderful boy and look forward to all the adventures to come with him