It’s been almost two weeks since I adopted eight-month-old Hank to join Chloe, my nine-year-old Safe Harbor Lab Rescue companion, and me. I recently moved downtown into the most dog-friendly neighborhood you could imagine. I was a little concerned about handling a puppy and there have been the typical puppy things that happen, but we’re all learning together.

Hank is the most loving creature I could imagine. He’s always by me but handles his crate training like a champ. He loves hopping onto the chair with me and sleeps by my side. I’ve lost a few shoes but that’s on me not him. We’re working on the pulling, but his eyes light up when he sees all the other dogs in the park…it’s just a little too soon for him to play with them but he’s as friendly as can be. It took maybe a day for him to realize this is his forever home.

I could write pages about the little guy, but I imagine most people who read this already know.

I’m adding a picture of my little family of which I am so proud. Hank is on the right.