With their bowl already half-filled by a handsome hunk of Lab named Hank, Jessica and Stefan decided it was time to go back for seconds and add another scoop of chocolate sweetness to the family. They chose the delightful and dashing young Harley to complete their four-legged crew, and this lucky, lively pup has been happily dogging his new big brother’s pawsteps ever since.

Harley’s new mom writes: “Our first priority when we bought our house with a little land and a fenced yard was to adopt another lab. Harley (formerly Hershey) became instant best friends with his older chocolate lab brother, Hank, when they met in Denver, and they shared a bed the whole drive back to Silverthorne. Harley has been adjusting to his new mountain lifestyle, though he’s still learning what to do with his kitty brother Iggy (mostly it seems he’s just curious), and Iggy is still figuring out who this other big brown animal is.

Harley likes to follow his big brother everywhere, learning to devour carrots in a single bite and bark ‘Go Broncos’ on command, as well as ‘typical’ dog commands. He doesn’t bark very much, doesn’t beg for food at all, and is getting better at potty training. One thing we learned is that Harley cannot be left unattended in the backyard because he is able to jump our six-foot fence when there are deer around!

Besides having normal one-year-oldish puppy energy and chewing, Harley is incredibly snuggly and loves giving kisses with his ridiculously long tongue. His favorite things include going for walks, sleeping in really weird positions, playing and snuggling up with Hank, and bacon.

Harley is a handful of chocolate lab puppy energy but we couldn’t imagine our lives without him!”