Harley New BeginningsIn a very short time, young Harley has gone from down on his luck to the top of the world, as he settles into his magical new life with Larry and Elaine. After the recent loss of their beloved 13-year-old Lab, Maxx, (an SHLR alumnus), Larry and Elaine decided to add another Safe Harbor pup to their family, and two-year-old Harley is absolutely thrilled to be the lucky Lab they chose. Harley happily joins his new 14-year-old Boston Terrier bro, Bosco, in this wonderful family where there is always more than enough fun and love to go around.

Harley’s new parents sent us an update: Harley came into our life in the mountains after spending a rough first two years on an Indian reservation. He has a few dings on his body but his soul is pure. He loves every human and dog that he meets on the trail. We cannot totally express all our joy and thankfulness to the SHLR family for our gentle, loving companion. He is getting an abundance of love every moment.