Harmony_201605_250pxCongratulations Harmony! We are so proud of you. Harmony sent us this photo after graduating from Obedience school, complete with a graduation cap! This wonderful two-year-old girl is so happy with new Mom Keri, and Sunny, her new Lab brother, that she wanted to write and tell us all about her amazing adventures.

We asked Harmony how she liked her new home:

Hello my name is Harmony. I’m so happy in my forever home. I just graduated from dog school. I walk gently on a leash, sit stay, wait, and know quiet. I’m very smart now. I love to play with others but sometimes they bug me so I just walk away. Keri takes me on errands in the car or truck then we go play at the dog park. Last summer we went camping and rode on the ATV Razor. She bought a custom made place on the ATV so Sunny and I could go with her. I went on the boat fishing, but don’t worry, we wear our life jackets. I sleep on the bed with her too. Sunny sleeps on his bed in the bedroom because he is too old to get on and off the bed. He really likes me. She has this cat named PePe, rubs on me all the time. When I first came here I liked to pull on the leash and chase cars and people. Now I’m a little lady. My dog trainer teaches in a very positive manner. Here is my graduation photo. Thank you Safe Harbor for giving me this nice place to live for the rest of my days!!!