Puppies are so fun. Three-month-old Harper is no exception. Everything is exciting. She is a sponge for learning. Toys are tops. And when you’re tired, find the warmest body and pass out. And lest we forget, puppies are CUTE! This sweet, young, yellow Lab did have challenges, but they have been resolved, and her future looks bright. We hope Harper’s mom can keep up when she grows into those lovely long legs.

Melissa gave us an update:

After a bit of a rough start with worms, giardia and a bad reaction to a vaccine, Harper has recovered well and is settling into her new home beautifully! She is full of love and lots of energy, which she shares with everyone she meets. She loves watching squirrels in the backyard, playing with her favorite stuffed octopus and snuggling on our laps when she settles in to sleep at the end of the day.

We have started working with a dog trainer and she is learning very quickly! She is learning to sit, stay, lie down, go to her place, walk nicely on a leash and most importantly “leave it” (she eats everything!!). We are so thankful to SHLR for saving Harper so that she could become part of our family!

Thank you!!

Thanks to Penny for fostering Harper/Ginger!