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Extended to January 31, 2021!

Cary Unkelbach, Lab-lover and author  who generously donated a portion of her book sales during the month of December to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue has extended her donation window through January 2021.

Heartbreak Kennel tells the tragic story of nearly one hundred Labrador retrievers, many sick or dying, who are discovered one hot summer day in a rural Colorado field (some eventually made it to SHLR!). They’ve been abandoned by Dodie Cariaso, a college-educated woman from an upper middle-class Midwestern family. What drove this tragedy?

Expect to shed a tear, experience shock, laugh, smile, and hug your furry friend as you journey through the lives of Max and Dodie. If this book helps just one person or one canine—mixed breed or purebred— the time and effort of all those involved in making Heartbreak Kennel possible will have been worthwhile. When the book ends, you’ll remember why our canines are so special to us.

Former journalist and prosecutor Cary Unkelbach unfolds a riveting account of how Dodie’s early success as a talented potter devolves into unimaginable neglect. Along the way, Cary gives animal lovers everywhere insight into the pitfalls and responsibilities of dog ownership through uplifting tales of Max, a Labrador from Dodie’s kennel, who finds his forever home with the author’s family. Heartbreak Kennel will shock you but will also give you a wealth of information for the canines in your life.

Thank you, Cary for generously donating $6.00 for each book purchased by January 31, 2021 (via the link below) to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. You can also request to have your book personalized and signed.

“This riveting and eye-opening account of the life of a dog breeder gone wrong is a must read for anyone who is contemplating purchasing a dog. At the same time, Max’s antics provide some welcome comic relief and you’ll fall in love with him. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read.” — Leslie Brown, Safe Harbor Lab Rescue co-founder

“Fast-paced book . . . reads like a novel . . . If everyone read this book before they adopt or buy their next canine, I might be able to retire from the world of dog rescue!”— Polly Kruse, Safe Harbor Lab Rescue and Labrador owner

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