Young Jett sent us some photos to show off his wonderful new family which includes his parents, Joel and Jennifer, and two(!) kids of his very own.  Jett politely asked that we call him “Henry” now, as he has left his old life and name far behind and feels that his new moniker fits perfectly with his fabulous new lifestyle.

Henry’s new parents write:

2-year-old black Lab, Henry, made himself right at home in the mountains outside of Fairplay. After adjusting to the altitude (and the late season snow) he is eager to go on long walks and play with his kids. The kids absolutely adore him and he is very easy going and gentle with them. Henry likes to come over and lean on mom and dad while we’re working to let us know he wants a back scratch. He hasn’t met a person or dog he doesn’t like. After not having a dog in the house for 3 years, Henry is a great addition to the family, and we can’t wait to learn more about him as time goes on.