“Woof Ho Ho, Woof Ho Ho, jingle all the way…Oh, hi there, Iz Herc, and Iz just practicing my singing so Iz can try out for the Critters’ Choir. BOL, just kiddingz! Everyone knows Labs can’t sing. I’ve known a few Huskies that could carry a tune, but not us Labs. Maybe it’s because we have so many other talents, it just wouldn’t be fair. Anywayz, what’s really really true is how excited I am about spending the first holiday season in my new forever home! I’m sure Santa Pawz will find me here because my arfsome new parents, Linda and Kurt, are always telling me what a very good boy Iz am. Well, woof ya later and Happy Holidayz! Woof, Ho Ho, Woof Ho Ho…”

Herc’s new parents also sent us note to tell us what a very good boy he is:  Hercules (known as Herc: AKA as Herc-a-lerc or Hercleberry Hound Dog). Herc is a true gem! He has fit into our home, neighborhood, circle of friends, and family like he has always been ours. He is polite, smart, funny, and lovable (and don’t tell him I said so, but extremely handsome. We don’t want it to go to his head!). We had 5 private obedience lessons for him, just to brush up on skills, and he has excelled. His trainer says he is ready for Canine Good Citizen, and it would be a breeze for him to be certified after he takes the course. He will do very well, as he is so food motivated (like most Labs usually are!), and his eye is always on the prize during lessons. He has made friends of the local dogs, but bunnies must be on their toes.

He could be an ambassador for the adoption of older pups, as he is settled, yet still plays, cuddles well, and has great house manners. No one believes that he is 10 years old! He is just perfect for us, as we aren’t as active as we once were, but he gets us out for several walks a day. Thank you, Safe Harbor folks, for recommending him to us! We lost our sweet chocolate Brandy girl (at 16 years of age) to cancer in September, and the house was so empty. Herc has helped us to heal and given us much joy and laughter. He is a bit of a clown, and never fails to tell us if we are a bit slow about getting his dinner on time. Our home is so much happier with Herc here!