It didn’t take long for Linda and a chocolate Lab girl named Holly to know that life would be better together.  Linda’s home felt empty after the loss of her beloved Sheltie, and nine-year-old Holly was in need of a new forever home, complete with soft beds, fine dining, squeaky dog toys, and loving companionship.  So, the lovely Miss Holly put on her finest collar, packed up her bowl, checked the menu, and moved in to share the best years of her life with her new mom.

Linda sent us an update on life with Holly:

Holly has been with me for a month now, and it seems like she was born here. My 14-year-old dog, Lacey, passed away six months ago. I was traveling as well as dog sitting during that time, but I’m so glad I waited to adopt. I didn’t book any clients for the first three weeks in August so I could bond with my own dog. Holly had only been with her foster mom for less than 24 hours when she decided to come home with me.

She sleeps on the bed with me, and the first couple of nights she would flinch and jerk in her sleep. I understood her anxiety level must have been pretty high, so I kept my hand on her until we went to sleep. But that is gone and now we both sleep through the night back to back! Although I have a pond in my back yard for dogs to play in, Holly isn’t very interested. Nor is she interested in balls! First Lab I ever met that couldn’t care less about a tennis ball! But I’ve learned that I have to spell out the word squirrel to prevent her going on alert. She loves to play with her squeaky squirrel and chew on rawhides.  She has many new dog friends now and is comfortable having them stay over for a few days, but we really treasure our time together.

She is so smart and quickly picked up the command to stop and stay at the corners on our daily walks. Someone must have spent time with her because she sits and shakes. I also discovered that (for a treat of course) she will sit on her back legs and put both front paws in the air with the command of up.

Holly is a senior at nine years old, but just has terrific energy, is very vocal and we talk to each other all the time. I will treasure every moment I have with her. Thank you SHLR for bringing Holly into my life!