After a long stay in a fabulous foster home where she received all the love and expert care needed to help get her various medical issues under control, eight-year-old Honey Bee was ready to find her forever home. With newly restored vision and a whole new outlook, Honey was feeling as perky as a poodle and the future now looked very bright indeed. “I’m refreshed and refurbished, and even better than new!,” Honey Bee woofed with a wink and a wag. When her new mom, Katie, first came by for a meet and greet, Honey Bee couldn’t wait to shake her hand, show her around, and tell her about all the fun they could have together. She must have been very convincing, because it wasn’t long before Katie and her beautiful Honey Bee were heading home to begin their happily ever after.

Katie tells us, “I brought HB into my home almost four weeks ago. I have a very quiet and laidback life as it is just me now. HB is settling in very nicely. She is sweet and happy. She loves her walks and enjoys playing ball both outside and in. I do have young friends that love to play with her and her them. Her health issues don’t hinder us at all. This is a very good match for us both. I am impressed with SHLR and would certainly recommend them.”