Handsome Hoss is not just another pretty face, he’s also a very good boy. At approximately eight months old, Hoss has no shortage of young Lab energy but is pretty mellow for a pup and settles down nicely after a good romp. Hoss is enjoying all the perks of country life at home with his new parents, Wayne and Nancy, and six-year-old little big brother, Marty, a Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen.

Hoss’ new dad tells us: After losing our dear Mac (Big Mac) a few years ago, who was also a Safe Harbor Lab, we were ready to open our home again to another big, goofy, lovable Lab in need of an active life and an adoring family. And that’s when we found Hoss! Right away when I saw him on the website, I knew I needed to meet him, and when a potential adopter fell through, I went straight to his foster home to see if we would be a good match. As fate would have it, we are a perfect match.

Hoss has settled into his life as a country dog who gets to go to the office some days, just like Mac did. Some of Hoss’ favorite activities are riding in the car to go to the office with me, cross country skiing in Steamboat with the family, trying to get his dog brother, Marty, to play with him, giving hugs, leaping into snow banks, playing with his best black Lab friend, Angus, and generally just being with us every day.

He’s a strong (90 lbs!), big-nosed goofball, who we are so lucky to call a part of our Boulder family, and we’re looking forward to more adventures with Hoss.