We have been so blessed to have adopted such a wonderful, active and loving dog from SHLR. Huck was just 2 when we adopted him 7 years ago and he just celebrated his 9th birthday in March. Huck has become the become the celebrity of our neighborhood in Silverthorne. He loves his walks everyday in the national forest where he can run, romp and chase the occasional squirrel or fox. Huck has won the hearts of all his other neighborhood dogs and not a day goes by someone is not loving on Huck.
Last year in March we discovered Huck had a cancerous anal sack tumor, we were devastated, he was just too healthy and young to have such a tumor. The vets at Wheat Ridge Animal Clinic were absolutely amazing. They discussed different treatment options and recommended surgery and chemo afterward. While we almost lost him initially, he began to get better and thankfully no recurrence as he was just given a clean bill of health this month! My amazing Huck is back running, romping with other neighborhood dogs, and back to hiking trails everyday.
Thank you Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, Huckleberry has been my best friend for seven years and I hope he has many more years ahead of him!!
Here is a photo of Huckleberry on a nice mountain trail smiling as he romps to meet me!