Colonel Drifter now proudly answers to “Hugo” and has happily left his drifting days behind. Hugo is an oh-so-handsome, sweet and energetic 1.5-year-old boy who is thoroughly enjoying his new role of head family Lab. In addition to his new parents, Mike and Anita, Hugo now also has four kids of his very own as well as a couple of amiable felines who round out the family crew. What a lucky Lab he is!

Mike and Anita sent us an update on their new pup:

How grateful are we that Colonel Drifter wandered into our lives! From the beginning, he took to our children and has been nothing but perfect. After being adopted, surrendered, bounced around for two years because of his energy, we were very concerned about how that trauma might reflect in his personality. Thank you to Mitch, SHLR trainer, for working with him and reassuring us that the Colonel would be a great family dog. Mitch was spot on, so we quickly changed his name to Hugo.

In between fetch sessions, runs, and walks, Hugo just chills by our side, naps, or asks for belly rubs. After seven weeks now, he is friendly to all who come in the yard and he plays wonderfully with other dogs, as well as our two cats. Hugo worked hard to become great on a leash and his obedience to commands is fantastic. We could not have asked for a better dog and are so grateful to Mitch and Safe Harbor for bringing so much joy into our lives. Hugo drifts no more.