Handsome Hunter is loving life with Jim and Joan and has wasted no time making himself right at home. He’s been taking the task of training his new parents very seriously and makes sure they always keep their throwing arms in good shape, as you never know when you might happen upon a frisbee, ball, or stick in need of a good toss. High on Hunter’s list of favorite new things is joining his family for a trip in the motorhome. “I’m a happy camper,” he tells us.

Jim and Joan sent us an update on their new pup:

Hunter is a 2-3-year-old Lab we adopted from SHLR. Hunter is the only pet in our house and does not have to share attention with anyone else. He is our second black Lab after our beloved Rex (also adopted rom SHLR) passed in 2017. Hunter has quickly acclimated to our neighborhood and enjoys greeting neighbors, playing frisbee and walking in the park just over the fence in our backyard.

Hunter is an extremely sweet, affectionate, and well-mannered dog who enjoys meeting people. However, he forgets his manners when meeting other dogs. He is work in progress on that front. Hunter enjoys evening time after dinner when he becomes a “lap dog” while we watch TV. Hunter becomes excited and starts jumping for joy when he gets near water. His favorite activity is swimming while fetching sticks from the water and when he misses one, he whines as it drifts away. When he was taken to the self-service “Wag and Wash” for his first bath he was not at all cooperative and glared at me afterward while driving home.

Hunter travels very well in the car and motorhome. When traveling in the motorhome he jumps up on “his couch” and falls asleep. He had such a good time on his first camping trip. His biggest trip is September when he will travel in the motorhome to visit our son and his wife. We are looking forward to that trip and many more.