We had to say goodbye to our sweet goth baby Ilio today. He was a quirky knucklehead who’s laidback attitude fit right into our family. In the first week we had him, he decided the crate was no longer acceptable and staked out a spot by the couch with his bed and that’s when we knew he was home for good. He loved all things “B”. He loved his Blanket and would drag it around the house, sleep with it shoved it in his mouth, or hug it or squish it into a pillow. He could find a Ball anywhere-any time. In a random bush on a walk or shoved under a bed or couch. Not to mention he would play ball forEVER when he was younger . He loved the unloading of grocery Bags, because there was always something in there for him. And he loved his “Babies” a new stuffed toy every Christmas. He was the best boy and our hearts are broken, but he was ready and it was time. We wanted to say thank you to SHLR for bringing Ilio into our lives.