In Loving Memory of Jeff Jenks, a loyal Lab lover…

~Evan Sander
~Olivia Poppens
~Bill Reynolds, Betsy LaFlame, and Kili
~Jeff Ward
~Patrick Johnson
~Jay and Karen Hancock
~Brooks Fisher
~James Fredrick
~CHAPA Class of 2021
~Steve, Lisa, Sarah, Pearson and Cat Jenks
~Gerard Kelly
~The Wolfe Family
~Marianne and Hank Hubbard
~Anne and Christopher Noyes
~Shirley Hancock
~Susan and Robert Morrison
~Sandra and Jim Findley
~Jessica Bass
~Chris and Alex Scott
~William Daniel
~Kirtland Gardner
~Gay Taylor
~Susan Jamieson
~Patricia Smitson
~Nancy Galleher
~Toni Murphey
~Liz and Skip Coggin
~Lou McLove and Beverly Wolcott
~Lisa Silverman
~Beverly Westbrook